Revolution Pro Controller: New features unveiled

Revolution Pro Controller: New features unveiled

25 November 2016


Nacon is proud to reveal several new features of the much anticipated Revolution Pro Controller for PlayStation®4

Sitting at the heart of the Revolution is a pair of unique analogue sticks. Embedded with a powerful algorithm developed by Nacon, the sticks deliver eSports level accuracy and precision, with 46-degrees of amplitude.

Completely optimised for pro gamers, both sticks were developed using insights gleamed from eSports players, features include:

  • Mechanical structure designed to ensure 46-degrees of amplitude
  • Optimised eSports ergonomics with convex right stick and concave left stick for extra grip and comfort
  • Metallic shaft and ABS ring for durability and minimum friction
  • Ability to remap controls to the L3 and R3 buttons

A completely customisable right analogue stick

Nacon’s Revolution includes advance software which enables complete controller customisation for the player. The Revolution PC companion app offers a huge range of options, including the ability to adjust the right stick’s performance through:

  • Changing the static dead zone – to manage the right stick’s reactivity
  • Adjusting the response curve of the stick – determining how fast it responds to your movements

Coming to the SIEE region as the result of a newly formed licensing partnership with Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe Ltd., the Revolution Pro Controller is compatible with all PlayStation®4 (PS4™) consoles, including the new-look PS4™ and PS4™ Pro.

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