How different is this controller ?

GC-400ES Controller
Technical specs

Discover the GC-400ES, a controller without compromise. Each element, from buttons to joysticks, including the shape and ergonomy, has been considered, tested, reworked and carefully crafted NACON, a PC accessories brand & Gen1us - Vice World eSport Champion in order to obtain the best PC controller, usable in every condition.

If playing with a controller is perfect for some videogames, like fighting games or shoot’em ups, can you imagine your gaming experience in major MOBAs (League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, Smite), or a main competitive shooter like Counter Strike: GO, or even in Starcraft 2 without the “keyboard / mouse” combo ?

Thanks to the GC-400ES, we could see the next champion squad of LOL using this fully programmable game controller. Discover the ultimate weapon for every PC player who wants to progress - conceived by a champion for future champions, for every game.

Who’s behind the project?

The GC-400ES ALPHA PAD is a project which has started after the encounter between the teams of Nacon and the professional Esport player Norman "Gen1us" Chatrier.

A Team work between Valentin, Industrial Designer for Nacon, expert in video game peripherals; Alexis and Gunnar, Product Managers at Nacon; Camille, Nacon Community Manager and the overview of the vice-World champion Norman.


More than 18 months of development were needed for this team to see the outcome of their project. Many testing phases were completed with our Maxence and Stephen our Engineers and of course the communities of players who sustain us.

Nacon is a young brand of PC accessories created by players for players. Our ambition is to offer innovative & high-performance accessories, available to a community of enthusiasts and allow fans of the game on consoles coming to the PC through our controllers.

Nacon GC-400ES - Valentin testing new ergonomics Nacon GC-400ES - NACON test laboratory Nacon GC-400ES - GC-400ES sketches by Valentin

Hall of Fame

Trophy unlocked : Alpha Pad Project funded !
GC-400ES will see the light, and it is thanks to you ! The goal of funding 30,000 dollars on Indiegogo has been reached, achieved and exceeded !
Thanks to your commitment, your support and your efforts, Project Alpha Pad will become a reality by September !

The 31,867 dollars collected will help us to start production of this controller designed for eSports.

The Nacon GC-400ES is the ultimate weapon for PC gamers combining Technology, Quality and Design.Thanks to the advanced software included, you can fully configure your controller and the sensitivity and accuracy of the right stick for the highest possible efficiency.
The GC-400ES travels with you safely thanks to its braided cable, reinforced metal connector and its travel case.
Thanks to it’s perfectly designed ergonomics and features, you will improve the reactivity of your movements and benefit from high playing comfort, even on long sessions.

The success of this campaign encourages us to persevere in our main goal : developing innovative, easy to use, and efficient products.
Without your support nothing would have been possible. Together, we have launched a revolution.
Thank you to all !

Hall of fame - Crowdfunding bakers

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